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The aim is to fill this site with both simple and advanced practical information about saving energy. Some of this information will be aimed at those living on Long Island (NY, USA), however, most will be applicable regardless of where you live.
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Our solar roof

Before - an average Long Island home.


After (in winter) compare with the before photo.


A common question that we get asked is "What happens when it snows?"
A> It's simple, on a roof this steep, snow won't stick to glass.

Snow don't stick

Doing some filming with NBC.


Swati & Mark with our solar powered electric car - a GM Volt.

Happy us

There is a water proof membrain on the deck. We used Grace Ice and Water Shield (tm).
The solar tiles will keep out the water 99.99%, this is really just a case of being better safe than sorry.
It would be costly to remove the tiles to fix a leak!

Water proof membrain

Tony is fitting the first solar tile.
The solar tiles interlock with the concrete tiles, so we have to work from the bottom
of the roof and work right to left.
The end tiles are concrete and are precisely aligned to give the roof a symetrical lock.

First tile fitted

The tiles are mounted to raised wooden batons.
Given out local climate we used pressure treated wood and stainless steel screws.
You will see two batons, horizontal raised 4" x 1.25" wood and a smaller 1.5" x 1.5".
The solar tiles are secured to the 4" wood with 4 stainless 2.5" #10 screws.
The smaller batton is used to secure a 1.25" stainless grip which holds down the front of the tile.

Raised battons

Bow and Tony nearly at the end of row 4. Progress was slow.

Fitting row 4

Reggie is helping with the fitting, does he look nervious to you?

Half done

Mark & Swati dressed up in protective gear, ready to spray some 2 part foam.

Ready to spray foam

Our renovated sun room with a cork floor and sustainably made furniture.

Sun room, with cork floor

Planting our vegetable garden.

Planting veggies

Our herb garden - we get lots of bees and butterflies in summer.

Our herb garden.

Generating plenty of KWh in summer, enough for the house and the car.

Generating KWh

Excerpted video from Going Green on Long Island by WLIW and Green NY by NBC

More pictures in our photo album.